Anti-Whale Mechanism Vote Results

As we were faced with the dilemma regarding the Anti-Whale parameters, we have finalised the voting to decide what will be the new parameters.

  • Sell Delay: After selling, whales cannot sell again for a certain period of time. Sell Delay has been set to 30 minutes; you may view the proof on the following Link; mind that it is set in seconds, and so you will see it as 1800s:
  • Harpoon threshold: Anti-whale system only catches accounts with a certain amount of tokens. The Limit threshold is now set to 0.1%; you may view the proof on the following Link:
  • Whale Denominator: Anti-whale system only allows a % of the bag to be sold at once. The whale denominator is now set to 2

Example: Formula: Your DVK holding / whale denominator

You may view the proof on the following Link:

In conclusion, if a holder has more than 0.1% of the total supply, they will be able to sell half of their bag every 30 minutes.

Doge Viking is a community project, and as such. Therefore, the community decided on the anti-whale parameters to be implemented.

The voting started on the 2nd of August, and it had a duration of 24hours. The debate was quite relevant, and we are happy to have found a solution for the matter and will continue to tackle every issue that may occur in the future.

We see fit to have voting regarding this matter every week, as that will significantly impact the value of the token.

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